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FAQ: Elasto Mania Forever CD

Q: The CD comes with (if I buy the "registered one") Elasto Mania (1.0  or 1.1 or both??)  Across 1.2 (Across 1.1?)
A: The CD comes with (if you buy the "registered one") Elasto Mania (both 1.0 and 1.11a) and Across 1.2, and shareware versions to be able create sw levels

Q: Many Levels, OLP, OLP rejects, world cups, etc! (are there a bunch of crappy levels on it? I assume not :)
A: Many Levels, OLP, OLP rejects, world cups, etc! I put up to the CD every level I ever found even if it was better or simplier, but all of them are categorized, so you don't have to spend time with sorting out.

Q: The recs on the CD, what kind of recs are they? Are they FAST (almost WR's, WR's, are they for internals, externals, world cups, etc)
A: They FAST (almost WR's, for internals, externals, world cups, etc). But there are medium and beginner style replay packs for internal and olp levels too. (There is also a never-published surprise on the CD in connection with the OLP.)

Q: How many, and what are some of the "Media Files" , "Programs" , and "Texts" includes that I can see in the Picture.
A: Media files: the main media file is the 35 mins long Elma Crime film, and there are also about 150-200 pictures (kuski photo album, 3D pics, anims, about 30-35 LGR files, a cinemaposter-sized printable elmaposter file, etc).
Programs: About 20 different programs like LGR development kit, Olp-stats, etc, and shareware games which are similar to the Elasto Mania.
Texts: Interview collection from drAcross (1997) to Balazs Rozsa (2001), all wr tables, all hungarian Elma columns, hints, tips, player lists, etc

Q: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would your rate this product in: 1. Quality 2. Number of Bugs (does it have any) 3. Reliability
A: I took part in the programming in 1998, and since that I'v been collecting Elma stuffs continously. This fact and that I edit a permanent Elma column in a computer magazine for 12 month, helped me to collect very much stuffs. At any rate I tried to make the quality perfect and I think the CD contains everything about Elasto Mania.
I don't know about any bugs. Nobody complained yet. The most feedback is about the Elma Crime movie, people like it the most.

Reliability: I made an agreement with Rozsa Balazs on this whole CD and I didn't put up any not-clean thing. And its not worth for me to swindle anybody by not sending the CD, it would cause sudden death to my great business... :)

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