Elma Crime

Elma Crime is a real horror-crime-action-parody film about Elasto Mania. The actors are all serious Hungarian elmaplayers.
The whole film is about the power of the Elma. The shot was a big party, where every elmafan gathered, and did something interesting.
Nobody had serious knowledge about filming but still the film is ready. And it has regular and digital effects! :)

Movie Info:

Language: Hungarian (English subtitled)
Length: 35 minutes.
Size: 400 mbytes
Codec: DivX avi
Age limit: Recommended over 18 years, because the film has destructive bloody scenes.
Place and time: The film was shot in Budapest in July of 2001.

The film was written, directed and edited by MUe.
The film is available on the
Elasto Mania Forever CD.



C. H. Karlifox (Bob)

25 years old Budapest resident.

Cause of the death: unknown. He gave up his life to play Elma.

Father (MGen)

44 years old night worker. He would sacrifice everything for Elma.
Hangman (Lobster)

29 years old policeman. He first hits and then asks. His ideal is his boss, Steve Corner.
Srac (CovBoy)

14 years old kid. A new höyla, but the most fanatic one. His biggest dream is to run a WR.
Steve Corner (CSabi)

36 years old inspector. His mission is to find out who or what stands behind all these strange murders.
Unlock (Tibity)

23 years old burglar. A mastered lockpicker, always works with his partner, Cross.

Cross (MUe)

26 years old burglar. He has spent 13 years improsoned. Especially dangerous.

Rozsa Csaba (Rozsa Csaba)

31 years old cleaner in a Safari park. Since he lost his right arm last summer, he can't do physical work.
His only task now is to defend his brother.

Rozsa Balazs (???)

Nobody knows him. Nobody knows how he looks like. Nobody can be sure about his existence.

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