Elasto Mania CD version

Updated 28 July 2003



I stopped selling ELMA CD's for undefinite time. I've got a job now, and it's very difficult to post the CD's in time.

But if you are REALLY addicted to Elma and a patient person, you can still order it, I will post it too you about 1 - 4 weeks


What do you get by ordering our CD version?

Full version of Elasto Mania and Action SuperCross, more than 10.000 categorized external levels and replays (for example expert, medium and beginner replays for internal levels), Elma Crime film, LGR files, lots of Elma pictures, animations, musics and programs, printable Elmaposter, texts like Elma columns, articles, riddles, elmaplayers' photo album and other files, (Elma-like shareware games, etc).

If you order the CD by credit card, we will immediately give you an URL where you can download the full version (so you won't have any disadvantage).
Of course the CD with the other stuffs will arrive only about a week later.

Click here for a screenshot!

The Elasto Mania CD (also called Elma Forever CD) is made and distributed by Mate Magyar (MUe) and approved by Balazs Rozsa.
If you want to be sure about the authenticity of this CD check the order section of the official elastomania site!

Competition for Balazs Rozsa dedicated Elma Forever CDs has ended => Result here!


There are more ways how you can order the Elasto Mania CD.
In case of all payment methods, the shown prices include postage, independently if you live in Europe, USA or Japan, etc.
After you have ordered (by any payment methods), we post the CD in 2 days and you will get it in 1 week.

Possible order methods Type Price (USD) Click here to buy!
Order online - credit card
Online registration via a SECURE SERVER with a Credit card is processed by Regsoft.com. Customers always liked their fast and reliable service.
PayPal payment, Phone and Fax order is also available.
With the registered Elasto Mania
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With the shareware Elasto Mania
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Order online - other link
If you have problem with accessing the first site, try this link.

With the registered Elasto Mania
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With the shareware Elasto Mania
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Order by regular mail
Simply send your registration fee to the distributor. more info
In this case we will receive the fee without deductions by the regservice - that's why we can offer you a discount of $2.00.
We post the CD in 2 days and you will get it in one week.

In case of this regular mail order we accept EURO too.
With the registered Elasto Mania
16.00 EUR
With the shareware Elasto Mania
8.00 EUR
Special order for Hungarian people
In Hungary the payment method is different. Write an e-mail to mue@elastomania.com for info!


Please write me if you have any difficulty with ordering or just have question about the CD.

Please vote! I am interested in your opinion!

What do you think about the Elma CD idea?


Copyright (C) 2001 Mate Magyar
E-mail: mue@elastomania.com